Govt Peace Commission issues a statement

The peace commission made a statement concerning the ethnic armed forces’ meeting in Maijaryan.

The statement stated that successful cooperation to be made for all ethnic armed forces in the meeting, based on the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA), and bring good results for the 21st Century Panglon Summit.

A meeting of ethnic armed forces who have signed NCA and haven’t signed NCA will be held in Maijaryan from July 26 to 29.

Ethnic militia leaders urge constitutional amendment based on Panglong agreements

Ethnic militia leaders have suggested that amending the constitution and building a federal Union should be based on the Panglong agreements for the sake of Myanmar’s development and peace.

Lowe House MP Pu Chin Sian Thang, who is also the chairperson of the Zomi Congress for Democracy, said the upcoming 21st Century Panglong Conference should be based on the original Panglong agreements of 1947. A federal Union should be built systematically by structuring the state-level and Union-level authorities.

Peace process must lead to charter change: lobbyists

The Thakin Kodaw Hmaing Peace Network said on July 23 that August's peace conference should provide the basis for constitutional amendment. 

Thakin Kodaw Hmaing was an influential political leader and writer who died in 1964. 

The group said the public had spoken by voting National League for Democracy and the military should respect the people’s wishes and assist the party. By backing peace, the military could atone for its mistakes and restore its respect.