White Tiger Party calls for negotiations between RCSS, TNLA

The Shan Nationals Democratic Party (White Tiger Party) made an announcement on May 8 calling for a coordination meeting between the Shan State Restoration Council (RCSS/SSA) and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) in an effort to end the armed conflict between the two groups.

Clashes between the RCSS/SSA and TNLA recurred on May 1, displacing thousands of people in the span of a week. The entirety Hopang Village in Nantpang Township was burned, and there have been causalities among civilians as well as combatants, the White Tiger Party statement said.

These arms conflicts are casting doubt on the prospect of building a federal system, domestic peace and stability, which all ethnic communities seek.

Therefore, the Shan Nationals Democratic Party demanded that food and necessary materials be provided to the refugees, along with rehabilitation, arrangements to be returned to their native places, and protection of the lives and property of the IDPs.

From May 1 to 6, more than 20 battles broke out in Namkhan, Mongton and Kyaukme townships in northern Shan State, and there were causalities on both sides, according to the TNLA.

The RCSS and TNLA have been warring since November 2015.