UPDJC forms work panels for five policy categories

The Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee formed five working panels on Thursday to better process its work for upcoming political talks. 
The subcommittees have to specialise for talks on policies relating to politics, social affairs, economic affairs, security issues, and land environment, respectively. 
Each panel is made up of 15 members with some from the government, ethnic armed groups, and political parties. The subcommittees have to generate proposals and suggestions, while being accountable to the UPDJC. 
The work teams will have to negotiate proposals and demands that come out of the national-level political talks and make policy proposals. 
They can collaborate with each other to have better arrangements. Procedures for the panels have to also be aligned with political framework provisions. 
According to the UPDJC, talks and negotiations by the panels are classified and should not be released without its permission. 
The subcommittees have to cooperate with government departments, experts and think tanks from respective sectors.