UNFC ready for ceasefire if govt makes changes

Kyaw Zin Win

The United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) will sign the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement if government accepts the issues they submitted, its representative Khu Oo Reh said on February 16.

His remark came out after State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi urged all ethnic armed groups to sign the ceasefire and participate in the second so-called 21st-century Panglong conference. She was speaking at the ceremony to mark 70th anniversary of Union Day held at Panglong in Shan State last weekend.

“The state counsellor told us many times to sign the ceasefire. But actually she said 'don’t sign the ceasefire without thinking' before 2015 general election. However, after she won the election, she urged us to sign the agreement. They don’t understand why we find it difficult to sign. We have difficulties signing the agreement as only the government urged us to sign it. We are not saying we won’t sign,” said Khu Oo Reh.

He said the UNFC had already submitted eight issues to the government about the ceasefire and, if those were accepted by the government, the groups would sign up. He questioned whether the state counsellor was fully informed about the negotiations in detail.