Tatmadaw military column clashes with Bengali terrorists

EMG reporter

Tatmadaw military column was taking security measures in order to stabilize the displeased situation of frequent terrorist attacks since the aftermath of clashes between Bengali terrorists and Tatmadaw occurred in Mayintaung, Pwintphyu and Gwason villages in Maungdaw, Rakhine State on November 12.

The Tatmadaw military column, on arrival at Gwason village at 9 am on November 13, spotted about 50 houses that were burning. At that time about seven terrorists holding long knives ran out to attack the military column which cleared them by shooting and six terrorists were seized dead.

Similarly, the combined team of the military column and the border guard force was carrying out the tasks in the search for Bengali terrorists in the suspected areas. On arrival at Dargyizartaung village at 1 pm on the same day, the combined team saw about 60 houses that were in flames. Just then about 20 terrorists holding long knives ran out to fight against the combined team. The clash left 19 terrorists dead. The combined team continued search work in Gwason and Dargyizartaung villages and raided operation and three terrorists were found dead.

Likewise, the tip-off said that some ten terrorists entered Warpaik village in Maungdaw. Therefore, the combined team carried out the search work in the village and then the terrorist ran away. After that the combined team had to put out the fire in the village because the terrorists ran away.  The fire destroyed about 80 houses. The terrorists’ aims are to cause misunderstanding between Tatmadaw and the people and to ask for assistance from outside foreign organizations.

Translated by Win Htut