Population and families increase in prohibited place near Myanmar-Bangladesh borderline out of barbed wire fencing

Thar Shwe Oo (Kitsapa)
Those living near Myanmar-Bangladesh borderline and Myanmar officials were seen during April.
Population and families have been increasing in the prohibited place where no one lives near Myanmar Bangladesh borderline out of the barbed wire fencing.
New eight huts were seen already put up in the prohibited place on May 6 and 8. This place is supposed that ARSA terrorists got mixed up.
Myanmar officially objected to Bangladesh’s failure in exchanging news on illegal human habitation of families in the prohibited area near the borderline as it breaks the bilateral agreement made by Myanmar and Bangladesh, said the official of Myanmar Border Guard Force at the briefing hall near the Friendship Bridge in Taungpyo Letwe in Myanmar side on May 16.
At Myanmar-Bangladesh battalion commander-level meeting held near Friendship Bridge in Bangladesh on May 23, Myanmar demanded that Bangladesh should remove the installation of four CCTV cameras and 10 solar-powered security lamp-posts as soon as possible because this is aimed at finding news on situations from the neighboring country as they break the rules of the United Nations. Myanmar pointed out that not only Bangladesh turns a blind eye to the growing population in the prohibited place where no one lives near the borderline but also their act seems to support it in illegal manner. 
Myanmar said that their announcements broadcast over the loudspeakers were meant to warn and control the illegal human habitation of families. The Myanmar border guard also reminded the Bangladeshi border guard of Myanmar’s offer to hand over five Bangladeshi people who were found on a fishing boat and are currently under detention in Myanmar. But Bangladesh did not reply it yet. Moreover, Myanmar requested Bangladesh to stop the construction of any more structures in the non-construction zone near the borderline. Finally Myanmar objected to Bangladesh’s sending rations and giving escorts to those who come to the illegal structures to deliver the rations. 
“More than 50 ARSA members led by Maw Lawe Harshein were active in Htarain village near the boundary line before the attack of killings and ambush to Tatmadawmen (government soldiers). At present about 20 ARSA members still remain. About 1050 families are living there. More than half registered at the refugee camp and they are enjoying provisions,” Aftar Ar Lwan and family members told the commissioner of Maungdaw District General Administration Department on May 15.   
Aftar Ar Lwan and family members lived near No 34 boundary line, in Myanmar side near Myanmar-Bangladesh borderline. On April 13, they entered Taungpyo Letwe repatriation camp near Friendship Bridge. 
Translated and Edited by Win Htut