Ruling NLD didn’t make political cooperation with ethnic political parties any longer after taking office: SNLD

EMG reporter

Ruling party of National League for Democracy has not closely made political cooperation with other ethnic political parties any longer since it came to power, said Sai Nyunt Lwin, General Secretary of the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy.

The NLD made in political cooperation with ethnic political parties before 2010. But it was a different matter after 2015 when it came to power, Sai Nyunt Lwin said in an interview with the Eleven Media Group.

Sai Nyunt Lwin said, “Political cooperation with ethnic political parties was not found after 2015, but it had political relations with ethnic political parties before 2010. While Aung San Suu Kyi was at the parliament, we, United Nationalities Alliance (UNA) met with her in Nay Pyi Taw. It became a different matter in 2015 and after. To be candid, after 2015 the NLD didn’t have close relations with ethnic political parties.

“For example, there was Committee Representing the People’s Parliament (CRPP) after 2012. We don’t know what the CRPP happens whether it still exists or not. Discussion about this matter was not made. No one saw it a big issue. The journalists did not know much about it. The NLD did not cooperate with ethnic political parties in political aspect.”

Ethnic political parties sometimes support the functions of the NLD, but sometimes oppose. These are the stances of the ethnic political parties, Sai Nyunt Lwin said.

We support the NLD if something is beneficial to the country, but if not so, we go against. We don’t back everything the NLD does. Our like and dislike depend on the subjects. We don’t object to everything the NLD does, Sai Nyunt Lwin said.

The newly-elected president is our comrade who joined hands with us in the difficult times. The president needs to struggle much for ongoing tasks and future ones. He is expected he will carry out the tasks through collective efforts rather than single ones. It is required to change ways to carry out the tasks, Sai Nyunt Lwin said.

Translated by Win Htut