Army chief clarifies real situations about Rakhine State while attending Pacific Armies Chiefs Conference

Vice-Senior General Soe Win seen together with army chiefs attending the 10th Pacific Armies Chiefs Conference. (Photo- Office of Commander-in-Chief)

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services and Commander-in-Chief (Army) Vice-Senior General Soe Win clarified true situations about Rakhine State while he was attending the 10th Pacific Armies Chiefs Conference in South Korea, according to a press release issued by the office of the Commander-in-Chief.

He explained the situations in meeting separately with the US army pacific commander and army chiefs from Australia, Korea and Japan. He made the explanations again in meeting separately with army chiefs of the US, Canada and Mongolia and No.9 Division commander of the Bangladeshi army.

After the clarifications, the foreign army chiefs said the information they received now was contrary to what they had known earlier. They said that they had realized Myanmar was facing a very complicated and difficult problem.

The foreign army chiefs then suggested that Myanmar should invite independence human rights organisations, international media and respected and famous people to show them real situations to counter biased news released by international media, the office of the Commander-in-Chief reported.

Vice-Senior General Soe Win pointed out that international media were only found to be reporting the Rakhine issue in a biased manner. Myanmar needed to act considerably as humanitarian supplies distributed by INGOs and NGOs were discovered in terrorists' strongholds, he added.

The foreign army chiefs assured that the information would be relayed to their respective leaders, expressing their hope that Myanmar would be able to overcome and solve the problem in the best possible manner. The Myanmar army chief gave them memory sticks containing documentary photos on real situations.