Myanmar, India tighten security along border

Myanmar and India have tightened security along their shared border after quarrels broke out between groups from each country on the night of May 9.

“Social organisations from India warned on May 8 not to come and go through the border areas. We, the Tamu Youth Network, also announced the prohibition on arrivals and departures. People from both countries knew that the border areas were closed. In India, the social organisations have full authority over the Indian government. If the border gates are closed, the [social organisations] guard the border areas. They didn’t allow any people to enter their side. Meanwhile, some people from Myanmar tried to enter into India, and they quarrelled with the Indian groups guarding the border area. Later, Indian security forces quelled the quarrel. Likewise, a Myanmar guard force also arrived at the scene of the incident and helped control it. Security guard forces are now protecting the border areas between the two countries. We have learned that the two countries will settle the problems on May 10,” said Yin Ko Oo from the Tamu Youth Network.

The No 2 Toll Gate along the Myanmar-India border closed on the morning of May 9, and trading at the Nan Phar Lone Border Market was also temporarily closed.