Landmine Kills Kachin Boy

Myitkyina – A 16-year-old boy from Sarmaw village in Mogaung Township, Kachin State, has died from wounds sustained from a landmine blast on April 10, sources say.
According to police records and the victim’s relatives, Myat Noe was fishing with friends when the mine was triggered.
A relative said: “His family depended on him. His body was sent to Sarmaw village hospital for further examination. Both his thighs and buttocks were blown up. He died from blood loss. We will not lodge a complaint at the police station. The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) told us not to use one side of the stream but the boys were on the other side. [The government and ethnic armed groups] talk about peace but accidents like this still happen. Villagers use the stream to make a living.”
Mogaung police said the death was not being treated as a murder case but it had been sent to higher authorities.
According to the Kachin government records from 2011 to 2014, 58 people died and 231 people were injured from landmine and bomb blasts.
A total of 36 people were killed and 45 injured by firearms.Most landmine blasts this year have occurred in Hpakant with others in Indawgyi, Mansi and Mogaung. At least four people have been killed and 21 injured this year, according to police records and other sources.