Killing of Naga teenager ignored by military

The case of a teenager who was allegedly shot to death by a Myanmar Defence Services corporal on May 22 in Hpakant, Kachin State, still needs answers, sources say.

Arr Si, a 19-year-old Naga native, was reportedly shot for not stopping his motorcycle at the command of the army officers when security was tightened up in the area.

The victim was from the Naga Self-Administered Zone and had arrived Hpakant only 16 days earlier to attend the 11th grade. He did not understand Burmese well, according to Shwe Thein, the chairperson of the local National League for Democracy chapter.

Corporal Tint Tint Kyaw from No 425 Light Infantry Division has been investigated under Section 304(a) for causing death by negligence; he has not been charged with murder.

Shwe Thein said: “According to local residents, [Arr Si] was shot around 7pm, and the shooting was unnecessary. They could not do anything because it was in the restricted security area. Why are there still no statements over his death? Because he was just a mere Naga kid? Because he was not a son of some rich and powerful family? We need to question the rule of law.”

The Naga Students Association (Yangon) has sent a message to the President’s Office calling for justice.

“We are not happy that there has been no action against the suspect yet. Such instances happened before but the perpetrators got away. We want an answer, so we released a statement. We reported a complaint to the President’s Office. The residents do not dare to go against the army. The local Naga organisations do not dare to step in,” said Zin Mar Aung, the chairperson of the association.