Explosion reported near bridge on Kalay-Tamu road

An explosion was reported near Tweban Bridge on the Kalay-Tamu road in the early morning of May 16, said Ko Ko Htwe, administrator of Tamu Township.

“It is true that an explosion occurred there, but it seem like it’s not a bomb. I don’t know what it is exactly. The bridge is not damaged. The place where the explosion occurred is 15 or 20 feet away from the bridge. The explosion made a hole six inches wide. Transportation has not stopped. The authorities are still investigating the cause of the explosion,” said the administrator.

The bridge is about 60 miles from Kalay and about 20 miles from Tamu. The Tamu-Kalay road is located close to the Indian border.

“The security situation at the border near Tamu is not stable. Bombs explode often, and gun attacks occur. But we want the new government to give us protection. We want to stay peacefully. We are urging organisations that provide security for us to provide more protection. Our party is ready to cooperate with them,” said Myint Zaw, chairman of the Tamu branch of the NLD.

Saw Chan, administrator of Khanpat Sub-township, said: “We have been informed that an explosion occurred at about 4:15 am. Officials went to the place at 6:30am, and we found a hole near the bridge. We don’t know what caused the explosion. Military engineers will know about it.”