Children die in Rakhine refugee camp

Two children from a refugee camp in Ponnagyun Township in Rakhine State have died of diarrhoea and another one was taken to hospital. The camp is running very low on water. 

The Phar Kywe camp near upper Thinpone village reported that children were suffering from skin problems before two five-year-olds died with diarrhoea on May 12 and health-care provider Maung Thein was taken to hospital.

“We gave medicine to ease diarrhoea for these children and oral rehydrating sachets but they died the next day. Another child and a pregnant woman were taken to hospital. The water isn't suitable for use,” said vice-chairperson of Arakan National Party Aye Nu Sein. 

International organisations have little presence in the area and there is limited health care.

There are about 280 people in upper Thinpone and around 200 in the camp.