Kachin MPs agree to reclaim land

Htun Lin Aung
Vacant land in Kachin State. (Photo-EMG)

The Kachin State parliament decided on May 31 to reclaim vacant land from individuals and companies in line with the 2012 vacant land management law and redistribute it to the original owners and landless farmers.

The move was proposed by MP Zaw Thin from Bhamo Township, Kachin State.

The Kachin government has reportedly handed over 1.3 million acres to 864 individuals and firms.

Mya Thein, the state minister for agriculture, livestock and irrigation, told the parliament: “The land was contracted to private owners for farming. Only some 140,000 acres have been farmedI’ve told the cabinet to reclaim the unfarmed land.”

Zaw Thin argued that the minister’s figures could be different from the situation on the ground and many land issues could not be solved for many years.

Although the minister requested just to record the proposal, the MP claimed the issue needed the immediate attention of the authorities since company staff and residents were at each other’s throat.

The proposal won by 45 votes to three.


Translated by Nay Thiha