Protest demands students' release

Nay Myo Win
Students demand the release of their peers

The All Burma Federation of Student Union (Ba-Ka-Tha) and University Student Union (Ta-Ka-Tha) have held a protest condemning violence against them and calling for the release of jailed students.

The student protesters marched to City Hall from Theingyizay market and held signs reading “No violence against students”, "Release four students” and “Respect student freedom”.

“The protest demands the release of four Sagaing Education College. It is very ugly for our international reputation as the students were arrested under the democratic government. Students are being arrested due to unjust laws. Every citizen should have the freedom to speak out. They didn’t disturb anyone. We demand our rights and freedom,” said one student protester.

They also demanded the release of all other political prisoners. 

"They were taken to the court in handcuffs. There was no need," one student said. 

More protests are planned. 

Students protested over oppression students' right in front of the Higher Education Department in Mandalay Region on April 26 leading to four arrests under the Peaceful Assembly Law.

On May 9, the Chanayethazan Township Court sentenced them to three months in prison under the assembly law and one month for interrupting judicial proceeding.

Although students in court urged the police to remove their handcuffs, the authorities ignored their demand so clashes between the police and students broke out during the verdict.