Snakes seized at Yaypu checkpoint

Htun Nay Hlaing
The authorities inspecting confiscated goods.

According to Yaypu checkpoint authorities, two good hauls of illegal goods, including live snakes heading for China, were confiscated on April 20.


Several vehicles, some found to be unlicensed, were reportedly attempting to pass through early in the morning but were inspected at the checkpoint.


The snakes have reportedly been taken by the forestry department from Northern Shan State.


Textiles, food, timber and other goods were also caught at the border.


“Logs have been found on two highway buses and procedures are being undertaken by the forestry department. There were powdered minerals and those are also unlicensed. Charges have been opened against them at the police station,” said Tat Htun Aung from the tax department at the Yaypu checkpoint.


Since the checkpoint reopened on January 16, several smuggling attempts have reportedly been stopped along the Lashio-Muse union road, including two batches of snakes and several loads of timber, precious minerals, livestock and poultry.