AAPP will launch Blue Shirt Campaign

Zarli Myint Oo

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) yesterday announced that a Blue Shirt Campaign would be launched with the aim of releasing all political prisoners.

The campaign will be held on April 21 to mark the third anniversary of the death of veteran journalist U Win Tin, who was also an ex-political prisoner.

The AAPP said that currently, 178 people were being detained in jails in connection with political activities. Some were arrested calling for their rights and some for alleged defamation of government and army leaders. Some prisoners were ethnics. The association said that many believed there were no political prisoners in Myanmar and that is why Myanmar has not been pressured to release political prisoners.

The announcement also stated that help was needed to show that political prisoners still remain in Myanmar.

U Win Tin was the longest serving political prisoner in Myanmar. He was held for about 20 years from 1989 to 2008.

On his release, he refused to hand over his blue prison shirt and pledged to wear a blue shirt every day until all political prisoners were released. He carried on wearing a blue shirt until his death.

He died three years ago on April 21. At that time, AAPP called on people to wear a blue shirt or blue clothing to demand the release of all political prisoners.

AAPP said that 93 political prisoners remain in jails, with another 85 activists awaiting trial. More than 120 people not in detention, were also awaiting trial. 


Translated by Khin Sett Maw