Sagaing Region reclaiming nearly 1,000 acres of land for landless farmers

Min Min Soe and Yan Paing
Photo shows a farmland in Sagaing Region.

Sagaing Region is reclaiming nearly 1,000 acres of land for landless farmers and upgrading the existing farmlands this financial year, according to the regional ministry of agriculture, livestock and irrigation. 

The Sagaing Region government is doing so to help landless farmers and local people improve their income, said minister Kam Zar Mon. 

"As illegal gold mining has been stopped in Homalin, we have to be reclaiming vacant and wild land to create jobs for the local residents. In addition, we are also upgrading the existing farmlands, which are not good enough. They are in pieces and there is no proper drainage, for example. This is why under the arrangement of the government, we brought local farmers together and discussed systematic farming," said the minister. 

He added that more land would be reclaimed in the coming 2017-2018 fiscal year with a target of 500 acres in YeU, Monywa, Ayadaw and Pale. 

For this fiscal year (2016-2017), a total of 975 acres of land is being reclaimed across the region—375 acres in Homalin and 200 acres each in Katha, Phaungpyin and YeU. 

For the allocation of reclaimed land, household registrations will be collected from landless farmers. Based on the work capacity of households, two to five acres of land will be allotted, according to the ministry. 



Translated by Soe Tint