Finance committee wants golf budget cut

Htet Shine, Hsan Htoo Aung
The Yangon Region parliament. (Photo-EMG)

The committee for finance, planning and economy told the Yangon Region parliament on March 28 not to allow Ks 550 million (US $400,000) asked by the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) for the maintenance of two golf courses.

Committee chairperson MP Sandar Min said: “Ngwe Thawdar and Mya Kantha golf courses earn over Ks 2 billion a year from membership fees, entrance fees and other fees for using swimming pool and buggies. So I’d like to request the municipal minister to reconsider the proposal. I say the budget should not be allowed.”

She further said that a budget proposal for seven pedestrian overpasses (Ks 1 billion each) should be reassessed since the committee believed Yangon did not require that many overpasses. 

Concerning an e-government budget proposal, she said: “Let me state the committee’s remark: The regional government approved Ks 1 billion for an e-government implementation this fiscal year, and we have to approve the same amount for fiscal year 2017-18 again.  We don’t know to what extent the plan has worked, and there is still no visible convenience in communication between the government and people.”

She requested that Parliament scrutinise and cut unnecessary spending, and use the budget more efficiently in the upcoming fiscal year.


Translated by Nay Thiha