Student accuses Myaungmya headmaster of homosexual rape

Min Thu Win Htut
The headmaster of a basic education school in Myaungmya has been formally accused of molesting and raping students.
A former student, from Kawat village, went to the local police station on Wednesday, accompanied by several teachers, to report the case.
He claimed that headmaster Aung Aung used late-night study sessions as an excuse to get students to his home, but then said it was late and did not allow them to go home. He then allegedly to rape the students.
The boy also claimed this had happened multiple times previously on other occasions that weren’t late-night study sessions.The headmaster was also accused of blackmailing and threatening students, as well as five teachers, in a bid to silence them.
“When it was time for the entrance exams last year, he made three of us stay over in his room. And at night, he forced himself on two of my friends and me. He forced me to [this] and I was so afraid of him that I didn’t get a wink of sleep that night. I couldn’t answer anything in the exam and failed it,” the student alleged. 
“I am no longer attending school because I’m afraid of him. “I think that the headmaster has done it to at least seven or eight others. 
“Everyone is afraid to bring this case forward because they’re scared. But I want none of my friends to go through what I did again,” the student said.
This is not the first time such an accusation has been made about the headmaster and faculty at the school, as government officials have come to investigate allegations previously.
Kyaw Soe, a teacher, said: “We were told to not pursue this matter. He have told us before that he ‘owns’ everyone. We have voice recordings of it. 
“We are also trying to get students that have been attacked as well [to reveal what happened to them]. “We have voice recordings as well as proof. 
“A female teacher ran away previously, because her life was threatened. “We didn’t want to bring all this to court but the child had enough of hiding the truth and reported it to the police.”
Police have opened charges against Headmaster Aung Aung for multiple crimes, including homosexual acts and rape.
He was not able to be contacted about the allegations.