Another abandoned baby found in Yangon

A newborn baby was found – abandoned – in South Okkalapa Township on Wednesday night.
Residents living near No 861 Saga Street said they became suspicious when they heard a baby crying from a vacant apartment.
Several people allegedly broke into the apartment and found a baby boy, about a week old, wrapped in a sack.
A woman, who preferred not to be named, said: “I took the baby to the hospital myself and stayed there to watch over him. 
“Nobody was living in the apartment where he was found. That place was for rent and the owners live right below on the ground floor. As far as I know, the owner had the place cleaned with hired help and after the help left, the door was left unlocked. 
“It was around 10pm when the baby started making more noise so people, including the owners, went up to check. “The baby is now in Yankin Children’s Hospital. It’s fortunate that we found the baby alive,” she said.
Local police have yet to make any comment, apart from the fact they are looking into the matter.
A similar incident occurred last Sunday afternoon in Tamwe Township, also in Yangon, where a baby was found, still with an umbilical cord attached, discarded in a back alley.
The baby was sent to hospital but died later from a fractured skull, doctors said.