Myanmar-India border gates close after shooting

The inside of the Nan Phalon Market. (Photo-EMG)

After a shooting on Sunday, the two gates on the Myanmar-India border have been closed, sources say.

The Nan Phalon Market, near where the shooting took place, has been deserted.

“Gate 2 in front of the Nan Phalon Market is closed. Even the security guards deserted it. The gate between Gate 1 and Gate 2 is also sealed. There is no business at the market. I’m not sure how long it will take until the situation is back to normal,” said a shopkeeper at the market.

The shooting occurred on October 2 on the Myanmar side of the border. A member of the Kangleipak Communist Party, an insurgent group operating in Manipur, India, was shot and later died at a hospital in Moreh, India.

That same night, an explosion was reported near a cemetery in Moreh.

“I heard that the explosion on the Indian side of the border left no casualties. The police haven’t found any suspects. Gate 1 is still open,” said another shopkeeper.

The residents said gunfights and explosions happened frequently but no one was arrested.

“We want our town to be peaceful. Our town has diverse cultures, and most of the residents depend on the Nan Phalon Market. I condemn all the disturbances,” said a member of the Tamu Youth Network.

Tamu has a history of violence due to its proximity to Indian insurgent bases. One person was killed in a shooting in January, and the shooter escaped on a motorcycle. Two explosions in March and one explosion in May left no casualties.