Container protest takes place on Strand Road in Yangon on October 10

Nay Wun Htet
Traffic congestion takes place on Strand Road near Htidan jetty on October 11.
Container drivers staged a protest by stopping their cars on Strand Road in Yangon on the night of October 10.
The traffic congestion severely took place from Botahtaung Pagoda to Bayintnaung overpass on October 11 as container cars ran in the broad daylight. 
“The cars faced heavy traffic congestion along Strand Road. A line of container cars was up to Bayintnaung overpass. The situation is quite bad,” said a taxi driver.
On the night of October 10, traffic congestion occurred along Strand Road in Kyimyindine as the container drivers staged the protest. They were against the containers’ run period of 9 pm to 6 am officially fixed by Yangon regional government.
The minister concerned of Yangon regional government came to negotiate with the container drivers on October 11. The minister initially allowed the container drivers to drive containers in the afternoon and at night.   
“The minister came to deal with the situation. The minister allowed the container drivers to drive the containers for one time from noon to 3 pm in the daytime and two times during the night,” said a container driver.
Starting October 11, many container cars are running. Therefore, the traffic congestion is taking place severely along Strand Road up to Bayintnaung overpass until 2 pm. 
The workers and the students faced long delays on the road and they were late for work and schools on October 11 due to increased traffic congestion. 
Translated and Edited by Win Htut