Garment workers stage protest in downtown

Wai Tun Naung
Some 50 garment workers staged a protest against the dismissal of 30 labour league members from Fu Yuen garment factory in Dagon Seikkan Industrial Zone, Yangon Region on September 9.
The march protest started at Maha Bandoola Park, Yangon Region and protest workers marched to Sintoretan Street, Lamadaw Township. 
The protest workers demanded that the government should settle the strike of the garment workers immediately, the government should protect the citizen workers, the government should fairly solve the problems of the workers, the government should take actions against those toppling the labour leagues and the government should enact the labour rights protection law. 
Fu Yuen garment factory dismissed 30 members of labour leagues without showing apparent reasons on August 20 this year.
The protest workers mentioned that the authorities failed to settle the problem between the employer and the employee, instead, they put pressure on the workers doing a favour to the employer. 
“Members of labour leagues had to be fired. Now it turns 20 days. Until now, a solution has not resulted out yet. We call for government intervention in the unfair dismissal of the factory as soon as possible,” said a protester.
In this regard, we sent letters to the president, the Union minister, the committees of both houses and the regional ministers, but no one came there. 
Fu Yuen garment factory formerly issued a statement, saying that the factory enjoyed more expenditures as the wages of the workers were raised. The factory did not see an increased productivity, but it had to face more expenditures. In the long-run, it will become increasingly unprofitable and it will run at a loss. The workers do not work in line with EC. The workers are enjoying many absent leaves without pay. Some workers are inciting others to protest. Starting from August 20, 30 workers who violated the terms and conditions prescribed in the EC were compensated and their employments were terminated. 
The workers responded that the statement of the factory was untrue and they received nothing provided by the factory.     
 Fu Yuen garment factory, owned by the foreigner is situated in Dagon Seikkan Township, Yangon Region. 
Translated and Edited by Win Htut