Myawady border sees low tourist arrivals in June

Ko Shwe Thein


In late June, the number of visitors who enter Myanmar via Myawady border dropped by half.

Tourists are becoming interested in visiting Myanmar as Myanmar is rich in natural resources and kind hearted locals.

The number of tourists who entered Myawady via Mae Sot of Thailand reached 888, the lowest during six months this year, according to the record from Myawady Friendship Bridge.

A French tourist said: “Our family visits Myanmar as I have heard Myanmar has many natural beauty and Myanmar people are kind hearted.”

From January to June this year, the number of third citizens who visited Myanmar via Myawady border reached 7,102—1,529 in January, 1,252 in February, 1,411 in March, 1,084 in April, 835 in May and 888 in June.

During the same period, 3,529 Thai citizens entered Myawady with travel visa.

From July 1 and 17, Thai authorities arrested more than 120 Myanmar citizens for the possession of fake visas.