Eight TNLA members dead in Nanhkan skirmish: Army

A skirmish occurred between the army and Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) near Ewlaw village in Nanhkan Township in northern Shan State on July 11, resulting in eight TNLA members killed in action, according to an announcement from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services on July 19.

One soldier was wounded and the army seized three guns and a vehicle from the TNLA forces. The army found three male bodies and five female bodies wearing TNLA’s uniforms. They buried them in the location of the skirmish, the announcement said.

It also said that the confiscated vehicle belonged to New Day Asia mining company from Mongtong Township. Sai Kyaw Aye and three other staffs from the company were involved in the accident. Sources said they went to Nanhkan to buy things on July 11 and the TNLA forces stopped them midway. The TNLA asked for help by transporting them to Ewlaw village before they encountered the army. Sai Kyaw Aye and Sai Pe Win suffered minor injuries and have been submitted to a hospital in China.

The announcement is released by Tatmadaw's True News Information Team in regards to five female members of the TNLA, who were killed in the skirmish.