Negotiations to be made for Letpadaungtaung locals: Security Affairs Minister

Kaung Khant Lin (Monywa)
A site of Letpadaungtaung copper mining project in Sarlingyi Township, Yinmapin District, Sagaing.
MONYWA- Col. Than Tun Aung, Border Security Affairs Minister of Sagaing Region promised compensation negotiation with locals as Letpadaungtaung Copper Mining Project continues in accordance with the report.
The information came through a press release concerning the government’s endeavors within second term of a year held at the Sagaing Region Government Office on July 18th.
“After accepting compensation, all houses from Kantaw village had moved. In Wethme village, there are over 100 houses. Some houses transferred but 26 houses remained yet. Likewise, some houses in Sede village relocated and there were about 60 houses remained. Concerning the villages’ transfer, we carried out the tasks according to the report. We would like to say at the monthly meeting that we are going to implement the project after holding compensation negotiation with the locals,” said Col. Than Tun Aung.
Local farmlands were grabbed for Letpadaungtaung Copper Mining Project. The report of Investigation Commission being led by State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi stated that 1,900 acres of farmland substitution must be reclaimed near the copper mining project.
Locals said that the incumbent government didn’t reclaim 1,900 acres farmland near the copper mining project but they built 1,900 acres farmlands near the Kani Township. So, they opposed the investigation commission’s report.
However, the Sagaing Region Development Affairs Minister Myint Kyi denied their accusations.