A whirlwind hits Inya Lake

Lwin Myo Thu
A whirlwind is moving around in Inya Lake on July 17. (Photo-Zar Chi Linn)


A whirlwind hit Inya Lake on the morning of July 17 but no damage has been reported, said locals.

The whirlwind lasted for about two minutes, sources said.

“It emerged about 300 meters away from us and disappeared while moving to the west. As far as I know, no damage was done,” said Sithu Hein.

Meteorologist Chit Kyaw said “The whirlwind phenomenon usually occurs in early and late rainy season due to nimbuses. However it occurred in the middle of rainy season now as the weather changed. The nimbus occurs from a phenomenon which exudes heat. The whirlwind occurred in Inya Lake as more water vapour is included in the surrounding air.”

A whirlwind hit Seikkyi Kanaungto Township, Yangon on July 15 causing some damages.

The nimbus phenomenon occurred as the slowly rising warm air mass creates nimbostratus along with shallower stratus clouds and caused strong wind, isolated thunder showers, lightning, whirlwind and warm fronts.