Torrential rain damages homes in Pakokku

Thet Htain Win
Torrential rain caused more water in Shwe stream in Pakokku Township (Photo-Thet Htain Win)


Torrential rain caused more water in Shwe stream in Pakokku Township on June 6 and 7 and seven houses from No.3 Ward are drifted away by rainwater, sources said.

No casualties are reported as people and their belongings are moved in advance before water level is increased.

“Rainfall in Pakokku is 1.96 inches and it is increased water level in Shwe stream. We have to move five houses and a religious hall,” said the township administrator Myint Saung.

A total of 19 houses are relocated as water level is still increased till the afternoon of June 7, according to No.3 ward administrator.

A vehicle under repaired in a car workshop is drifted away and the authorities are working hard to prevent flooding.

Civic organizations, firefighters and policemen are helping to move houses and Relief and Resettlement Department is providing aid for flood victims.

Many houses were drifted away in Shwe stream in October 2011 and more than 100 people were drowned.

Some creeps in Myaing and Pakokku townships are joined and became Shwe stream and some dams in Myaing are disposed of water from their outlet pipes to prevent dam burst.

Water flooded roads in Pakokku Township caused by torrential rain at the end of May and the locals have the drinking water they needed.

A burst occurred at Kawtaw dam in the township caused temporary blockage in roads connecting between Pakokku and Yaw area and Chin Mountain.