Nationalist Author Maung Thwe Chun filed against defamation law

Concerning talks in Mingin Township, Sagaing Region, Author Maung Thwe Chun whose works comment on national affairs, is being filed against Section 505 (b) and (c) of the defamation law, says MP Kyaw Hsan from No.1 Constituency in Mingin Township.
Ashin Wirathu from Masoe Yein Monstery in Mandalay Region participated in a day-long preaching ceremony held in Kyaungdan Village, organized by the MRTV Sayadaw.
“Before Sayadaw Wirathu started, he[Maung Thwe Chun] breached defamation laws saying that Buddhism is going to disappear in Myanmar because the Vice-President was a Christian. Likewise, the lower house speaker was also a Christian. Due to those facts, he claimed that Buddhism will disappear from Myanmar,” said MP Kyaw Hsan.
“We don’t tolerate his talk. He defamed the State. Actually, the whole party planned to sue him for defamation but we didn’t get the permission. So, Mingin Township Management Committee opened a file on him under the charge with Section 505(b) and (C),” said Kyaw Hsan.
“The Court upheld the plaintiff on May 23rd. We are going to investigate the witnesses from Chawphyupin village, Kyaungdan village. The Court will be informing the Defendant Maung Thwe Chun. We are going to report the witnesses’ evidences to the Court on June 4th,” said Police Captain Ko Htay from Mingin Township Police Station.
Author Maung Thwe Chun said that no one has informed him. If authorities eventually do inform, he would have to face trial.  
Author Maung Thwe Chun led the Committee for the Protection of Nationality and Religion, commonly known as Ma-Ba-Tha and worked for Nationalist Magazines as Chief Editor.