Kachin Anti Drug D-Day held in Myitkyina

Mong Hsan Aung
Attendees seen at the Prayer Service to mark Kachin Anti Drug D-Day
MYITKYINA- To mark Kachin Anti Drug D-Day, Prayer Service being led by Pat Ja San which is anti-drug campaign based in Kachin people was held at the Manaw Ground, Myitkyina, Kachin State, yesterday morning.
Over 1,000 Kachin people participated in the prayer service and they chanted anti-drug slogans.
Par Ja San which is Kachin community-based activists and anti-drugs coalition of church had launched the “D-Day”, since the beginning of April 25th of 2014. Their goal is to “Completely eradicate drugs from the Kachin People.
Moreover, Pat Ja San runs awareness and education campaigns, rehabilitation centres and it has a vigilante element that arrests and prosecutes drug users and dealers.
“In Kachin State, the eradication of drugs can’t be implemented due to current political situation. But, the Pat Ja San didn’t sent the drug users to the jail and opened the rehabilitation centers for them,” said Tang Goon, Secretary of Pat Ja San in Myitkyina Township.
The Kachin community designates the April 25th as Kachin Anti Drug D-Day and they annually hold the D-Day and it was the fifth time event.