Rakhine youth conference to be held in May after 70 years

Chan Wai Soe

The Rakhine youth conference will be held in Taungup, Rakhine State, for the first time after 70 years, according to local sources.

In the run-up to the conference, young Rakhine people carried out organisational tasks and held a preliminary conference in December 2016. The upcoming youth conference is set to be held in Taungup next month.

The leading committee for organising the conference and civil society organisations based in Taungup called a meeting on April 21. They discussed the formation of four committees, selection of committee chairmen and vice chairmen, choosing a venue to hold the conference and other matters such as seeking of permission from authorities, food and accommodation and security.

Permission was received from the Rakhine State government on April 23.

Myo Hsan Aung, member of the information committee for organising the conference, said about 500 delegates are estimated to attend the youth conference.

“We have received permission. The conference will be held from May 1 to 5. Committee members are all here in Taungup to continue the remaining tasks. We have expected that about 500 people will attend the conference,” he said.