Investors will be welcomed when Fish and prawn breeding zones set up

Thingi Win Tin
Caption: One of the work site of domestic cold storage factory
Myanmar has a long coastline of nearly 3 000 km. It can be divided into three coastal regions: the Rakhine Coastal Region, the Ayeyarwaddy Delta and the Gulf of Moattama Coastal Region and the Thanintharyi Coastal Region.
The Department of Fisheries (DoF) reports that fisheries are the fourth most important source of exports earnings.
 Entrepreneurs are choosing sites to set up three breeding zones that will manufacture and export fisheries products meeting international standards, according to Yangon Region Fisheries Department.
If these zones are already set up, permission will be given to foreign investors in participating at these zones. 
There are many things to be carried out in fish and prawn breeding zones such as processing plants or manufacturing food for fish and prawn or cold storage plants. They can also invest in materials used for fish and prawn breeding. We need foreign experts as these zones will use modern technologies. We need to hire experts in marketing and manufacturing,” said Win Kyaing, secretary of Myanmar Fish Federation.
He added that international cooperation is needed for exporting to international markets, as well as good quality fingerlings and prawn for breeding.
In Kungyangon Township, fish and prawn breeding zone will be set up on 9642 acres of land and for manufacturing of finished products, a cold storage factory will be built on 400 acres of land in Twantay Township.