MP calls for prompt repair of three damaged dams

Kaung Khant Lin (Monywa)
One of the three dams in Pinlebu Township, Sagaing Region.
A member of the Sagaing Region Parliament has urged the government to promptly repair three dams in Pinlebu Township, Katha District, in order to irrigate 1,300 acres of cultivated land and prevent losses of trees and plants.
MP Than Hlaing for Pinlebu Township Constituency No (2) said the local farmers had to plug the broken dams at least three times yearly and cut down over 1,000 trees.
“Only if these dams are plugged will we get water for irrigation purposes. In doing so, they have to cut down the trees and use the felled timber to plug the dams.”
The regional government needs to repair the dams as quickly as possible, he said, in order to prevent the loss of further trees.
 “Moreover, there will [then] be adequate irrigation water for the local growers. The irrigation water from the dams is required for 1.300 acres (526 hectares) of land,” the MP said.
The farmers in Pinlebu Township have to rely on the three dams for growing three crops yearly of onions, beans and sesame.
Particularly, proper management of rainwater is required in the rainy season to grow monsoon paddy.
The three dams needing prompt repair are Moegyopyit dam in Thinbawtar Village, Hsemagyi dam in Mansilay Village and Namawbin dam in Namawbin Village.