Govt ‘needs to create a million jobs’ by 2020

Saw Yee Nandar
Workers in Hlaingtharyar Industrial Zone. (Photo-Myo Htet Paing) has quoted a UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) statement as saying that the Myanmar government needs to create more than one million jobs during its term to equalize the ratio between the population growth rate and GDP.

The  economy is seeing a massive inflow of foreign investment into the country. According to the calculation of the ratio between the population and jobs, the government needs to create more employment opportunities by 2020.

Matt De Luca, managing director of said: “It needs to create many job opportunities. But creating job opportunities for professional staff for local and international companies is also crucial. In addition, the opening of training schools for staff is important. Only then, we can solve the problem pertaining to a shortage of skilled workers simultaneously.”

The government needs to draft the economic rules for health, education, livelihood and employment opportunities for youths, he said.