Taninthayi Region agrees to implement Maethame industrial zone

Phyo Zin (one photo)
Htee Khee border trade camp on the Myanmar-Thai border.
DAWEI- Taninthayi Regional Government has agreed to implement a 6,000-acre wide Maethame industrial zone project which will be jointly implemented by Karen National Union (KNU) and Power China Company in Htee Khee, in the Myanmar-Thai border area, Dawei District, Taninthayi Region.
Daw Le Le Maw, Taninthayi Region’s Chief Minister, said at a November 15 meeting with the companies that will implement the project that there was no objection from the Taninthayi government for the implementation of the industrial zone. 
A 600MW hydropower project will be implemented on Taninthayi River and a 70-mile road from will be built from the Htee Khee border area to Dawei river mouth and jetty.
But, the project is only in its first stage and it will be submitted for approval from the Union Government.
“The KNU-owned Noble Prince Company discussed implementing the Maethame industrial zone project with Taninthayi government committee,” ,” said Planning and Finance Minister Phyo Win Tun from Taninthayi Region Government Committee.
“The project proposal will be submitted to the National Reconciliation and Peace Centre because it will be implemented in border. For first stage, the Taninthayi government committee remarked that they had no objection for implementation of the project. But, the project will be discussed at the Regional Parliament because it is a mega project and must be taken by the Parliament’s approval.
“They [Nobel Prince] said that Green Zone, apartments and industrial enterprises would be involved in the project which was a joint venture with Power China. It is delayed because Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is worried about how much profit will get for the Kayin nationals. She aims for development of the socio-economic life of Kayin nationals.
“The Nobel Prince Company is a Kayin national back company and it was given green light to the projects by the Power China Company. We didn’t detail the sharing of profits.”
Planning and Finance Minister Phyo Win Tun also said that although Taninthayi Regional Government had agreed to implement the project, the project proposal must be submitted to the Union Government Committee after seeking the Parliament’s approval. Moreover, the Kayin armed groups had made peace with the government and, therefore, they need job opportunities.