Sagaing wildlife sanctuary to shrink

Yan Paing
The Minwun Mountain sanctuary.


A wildlife sanctuary in Sagaing Region is due to be reduced, according to the regional forestry department.

The Minwun Mountain wildlife reserve needed to be redefined since it had mingled with farmland, religious ground and settlements, added the department.

Nyunt Hlaing, chief at the department, said: “For various reasons, settlements and factories have appeared within the sanctuary boundary over the past years. We have to exclude over 36,000 acres from the reserve.”

Altogether 36 villages appeared since the 1950s when the government established the sanctuary, he added.

After redefining the reserve area, residents would be informed through signboards.

If anyone entered the sanctuary and did any forbidden act, they would face harsh action under the Wildlife Conservation Law, warned the department.


Translated by Nay Thiha