Bengali terrorists and Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army branded as terrorist group

With the approval of the Union government, the Central Committee for Counter Terrorism yesterday declared Bengali terrorists involved in the terrorist attacks and Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), the terrorist groups, by exercising the rights enshrined in Section 6 (e) of the Counter-Terrorism Law, according to a statement by State Counsellor Office Information Committee.

The government formed the Rakhine State Peace and Stability, Rule of Law and Development Committee to solve the conflicts in Rakhine State. In addition, the government is working to provide necessary assistance to locals and bring regional security and development to the region, the statement says.

On October 9, last year, terrorists made dawn raids on No.1 border guard police headquarters, a police outpost and an office in Maungdaw Township in Rakhine State. In the organized attacks, nine police members were killed and 48 weapons of various types, 6624 rounds of assorted ammunition, 47 bayonets and 164 magazines, lost, the statement continues.

After the attacks, more police members were sent to No.1 border guard police. The border guard police force is working to restore security, peace, stability and rule of law to the region, in cooperation with the Tatmadaw. But the killings of innocent local ethnics and threats and fabrication made by terrorists may hamper the regional peace and rule of law. The security force found terrorist training camps on May Yu Mountain, it adds.