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Suu Kyi urges artists, writers to collaborate in Myanmar’s democratic transition

The present time is very important for Myanmar where everyone should help it to reach where it should be, urges Aung San Suu Kyi when she met with artists and writers at the Royal Rose restaurant in Yangon on August 25.

More than 100 artists and writers joined the meeting where author Maung Moe Thu as the chair said the artists and writers have been on Suu Kyi’s side since the 88 uprising.

“Especially, we artists love freedom. We can create our works only if we’re free. We took to the streets against the repression as we need the freedom. We had worked together with Suu Kyi then. But we didn’t get that freedom yet. As the democracy is still invisible, we all should lend a hand to continue the democratic campaign,” said Moe Thu.

“Now is the very important time for our country. The year 2015 won’t decide where our country goes. I often said this year (2014) will decide it. If we reach the right path in 2014, I previously said we will reach our goal in 2015. I’d like to request all of you to assist the country to reach the right path,” said Suu Kyi.

She added that the democratic revolution is a spiritual one and establishment of a political system isn’t enough for the democracy which can only be long-standing if it’s viewed as a culture.

She also stressed the importance of the strong influence of artists and writers by saying that there can be many political and cultural changes because of their influence and everyone is responsible to ensure the changes are for the right side.

She said nobody can deny that Myanmar had lost the democracy previously because of the key leaders and finding the guilty parties is not enough for that, adding that every citizen is responsible for the country fallen into a [bad] system.

“This is an era when we should all work together,”

She said a peaceful and united union that the people want can be established only by working together passing through this important period.

“I also believed that problems can be solved through negotiations as an important part of democracy. I would request you all to lend a hand for what you can,”

“The current issues are both important and non-important in Myanmar. The present time is very important for the country as Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said. Under these circumstances, writers, artists and cartoonists make use of their know-how as much as they to deal with the issues. When voices became louder about Article 59 (f) of the Constitution, national safeguarding law issues had arose. And when the issue of Section 436 came, the Mandalay unrest appeared. And then the issue of PR emerged, the big bell is under search,” said writer Tharawaddy San San Nwet.

The writer also said the cartoonists, writers and journalists are working together to prioritize important issues, ignoring non-important matters for the sake of the country’s democratic path.

“Our country is now in a very important period. Everyone should join forces for it, but in a right way. As Sayama Daw San San Nwet said, Artists and writers can give enormous efforts in such matters to conclude whether they’re important or not. A cartoonist’s work can show a clear picture of whether they’re important and not. And poets can also do that,” said Suu Kyi. 


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