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SkyNet to buy EPL TV rights

Myanmar’s SkyNet television has agreed to buy TV rights for English Premier League (EPL) matches for 25 million pound (US$40 million), a British tabloid newspaper reported.

According to a November 23 article of Daily Mail, the money earns SkyNet EPL rights to telecast the EPL football matches for three seasons starting from 2013-2014. Each football season has 380 matches.

Some football analysts suggested that the overall value of Premier League TV rights could top 5 billion pound ($8 billion) for the three seasons beginning in 2013-14.

The elite England football league is very popular in many Asian countries like elsewhere in the world.

Myanmar spent only 200,000 pounds for TV rights of the EPL in the past.

The SkyNet fans are likely to pay increased charges for watching the games.

Forever Group has already got broadcast rights for the EPL matches and is telecasting the EPL games through MRTV and its related channels.

Comparison of money to be spent for EPL telecast

Country            2012-2013                     2013-2016
U.S                  42 million (pound)        157 million (pound)
America          21 million (pound)        80 million (pound)
Africa                170 million (pound)    205 million (pound)
Scandinavia    111 million (pound)    160 million (pound)
China             31 million (pound)        38 million (pound)
India             28 million (pound)         91 million (pound)
Singapore    190 million (pound)    190 million (pound)
Hong Kong    146 million (pound)    146 million (pound)
South Korea    30 million (pound)        32 million (pound)
Japan              22 million (pound)        30 million (pound)
Thailand       38 million (pound)        202 million (pound)
Vietnam        6 million (pound)        22 million (pound)
Myanmar    0.2 million (pound)        25 million (pound)
Indonesia    25 million (pound)        50 million (pound)
Malaysia      65 million (pound)        139 million (pound)

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