Audiences lap up Wyne’s new film ‘Kya Ma Ka Hnin Si Par Maung’

Lin Lin Khaing
A poster of ‘Kya Ma Ka Hnin Si Par Maung’ (‘I am a Rose, Dear”).
A poster of ‘Kya Ma Ka Hnin Si Par Maung’ (‘I am a Rose, Dear”).

Noted filmmaker Wyne’s latest film “Kya Ma Ka Hnin Si Par Maung” (“I am a Rose, Dear”) continues to dominate the box office despite its pirated copy being watched online by internet users. Since its release on June 12, major theatres in Yangon and Mandalay have agreed to screen the film for four weeks [instead of three weeks as usual] on the back of its record-setting first weekend take. 

With a pirated copy available online a week after the film’s opening, Dawei Film Production has issued a warning against copying and distributing the illegal version, threatening to take action against any violations in accordance with the Electronic Transactions Act. 

“Although [the pirated version of] ‘Kya Ma Ka Hnin Si Par Maung’ is circulating online, the number of cinema-goers has not dropped off. Each screening was packed with movie lovers. Based on the revenue ratio of its first week, the film has been allowed to screen for four weeks. So you can say it is successful artistically,” said Soe Than of Dawei Film Production.

“In this digital era, cinemas have a responsibility. If they don’t protect [against piracy], the entire film industry will be ruined and the cinemas will disappear. We all need to help protect the films. The main responsibility should fall on the government. The government needs to take action against online piracy. If this is not handled properly, the music and direct-to-video industries will collapse,” said Wyne.

“The release of a pirated copy really hurts the producer. As for the artists, they are not subject to that kind of suffering as more audiences would get to watch our work. But it is such a waste because I have made sure for the audience to be able to watch the film with 4K resolution and the 5.1 sound system. But if they are to watch on Facebook on their mobile phones, all of our dreams will be shattered. Our future footsteps will become weakened. This film is a big success artistically,” he asserted.

The film enjoyed a warm reception at its opening in Nay Pyi Taw, with its title in particular becoming a buzzword among netizens on social media.