Beware of heatstroke

In this intense heat, even tar is melting and we should be aware of heatstroke as Myanmar is hit by a strong El Niño.  

In Thazi Township, Mandalay Region, a seven-year-old died of heatstroke after having a bath. The child from Katkyayin village was sent to the township's hospital with a high temperature. He was then transferred to Meikhtila Hospital with suspected meningitis. He died on March 26. 

It emerged that the child died of heatstroke, not meningitis. 

Heatstroke causes temperatures over 40°C, disorientation, an absence of sweating, exhaustion, dizziness, confusion, headaches and weakness. Symptoms are harder to spot during sleep and if someone is exerting themselves they may sweat excessively. Young children, in particular, may have seizures followed by unconsciousness and organ failure

Hospital care is needed and delays in seeking medical treatment can cause unnecessary deaths. First aid is necessary and patients must be kept in an air-conditioned room or at least in the shade. 

Unnecessary clothes must be taken off and the patient's skin must be rubbed with a wet towel and fanned

Bags of ice should be placed in the armpits, around the groin, neck and back. Iced water should be poured on the patient or they can sit incool water. 

Medical advice should be sought if a trip to a hospital is not an option.  

We urge people to stay alert and be aware of heatstroke.