Border trade volume tops $900 million at Myawaddy

Ko Shwe Thein (Myawaddy)
Cars and trucks running in a busy place in Myawaday border camp.
The volume of trade at Myawaddy border trade camp has topped more than US$900million, $200 million more than the previous year, a source of the Ministry of Commerce said.
Myawaddy is the second largest of the country’s border trade camps. Border trade volume has boomed after the new Asia Road came into service. 
Border trade volume reached $928.6 million in the 2016-17 fiscal year and $726 million in the 2015-16 fiscal year. The current fiscal year is $202.5 million is more than this.
The largest border trade camp is Muse bordering China. Export volume reached $3.45 billion while the volume of imports reached $1.64 billion. 
Now, the Myawaddy-Mae Sot No-2 Friendship Bridge has been built. Once all construction tasks have been completed, border trade volume can go up. 
The volume of imports at Myawaddy camp reached $868.4 million during the current fiscal year. These items included imported machinery, motorcycles, office materials, construction materials, foodstuffs, plastics, fruit saplings, fuel, liquefied gas and edible oil. 
Cars have rarely been imported because of a change in government policy. Only a few cars were imported. 
However, residents say beers, frozen meats, chicken products and unlicensed cars that are banned from being importing are being brought into the country illegally via use of a detour road.
Myawaddy border camp exported marine products such as fish, prawns and crab, traditional herbal medicines and farm produce such as corn, sesame, bean, tea leaves, chili and onions. 
The volume of exports at Myawaddy border camp reached $60.2 million. That is 14 times less than the volume of imports.
The chairman of Myawaddy’s border trade association said Myanmar is weaker than Thailand in local production and consumer protection, so the export volume is much less than the import volume.