Thai property draws attention to well-off Myanmar people

EMG reporter
iMyanmar house, the most well-known for Myanmar real estate market, organised a big sale of condominiums in Bangkok, Thailand at My Garden Restaurant, Yangon Region on September 8 and 9.
Myanmar is now facing an economic downtrend in the country and a cold trading in the sector of condominiums and apartments. At that time, well-off Myanmar people are taking great interest in the purchase of Thai condominiums. Now is the best time in Thailand for those seeking better grounds of education, health and investment.   
“We know economic situation in Thailand as we sell Thai property. The largest economy is Indonesia among ASEAN countries, followed by Thailand after Indonesia. There is two economic programmes—Asean Economic Corridor (AEC) and East Economic Corridor (EEC). The focus of them is Bangkok. 
“Thailand is suitable for those wishing to invest within. Bangkok can provide facilities for education, health and everything. It can also provide reasonable prices for these areas. For these reasons, Bangkok possesses better potentials for the development of economy. Investments should be made in property sector and so we hope to enjoy a lot of profit in the future,” said Phyo Min Paing, International Marketing Oversea Sale Advisor of iMyanmar Housing.
A key condominium worthy of over K160 million near the Central World, a Regent condo worthy of about K80 million near Samitivej Thonburi Hospital and a Plum 8 9 condo worthy of about K40 million were on display at the condo sales organised by iMyanmar Housing. 
If one buys a condo in Bangkok, Thailand, those of over 50 years old will enjoy the opportunity of permanent residence. 
“The price is cheap, but condo room is narrow. The room is narrow and the price is reasonable. Thai property market is selling out many condos at reasonable price. In our country (Myanmar), condominium room is big than that in Thailand. Accordingly, the price goes up. The regular class people can’t afford to buy a condo in Myanmar as it is high in price. Condos are specially for well-off people. Condos in Thailand are not intended only the rich. There the regular class people can afford to buy the condos. To be frank, the narrow room is low in price. The price of Thailand is a little higher than that of Myanmar. The price of Thailand is a lot cheaper than that of other ASEAN countries except Myanmar,” said Phyo Min Paing.
During 2003, Myanmar bought XDA Flat condos from Singapore on commercial purpose. Myanmar is now facing an economic downtrend in the country and a bad situation in construction enterprises. Well-off Myanmar people are taking great interest in making investment in Thailand.
Translated and Edited by Win Htut