Daily minimum wage set at K4,800

Nay Ri, Kyaw Myo
The National Committee on Fixing the Daily Minimum Wage yesterday decided to set the daily minimum wage at K4,800, said Thein Swe, Union Minister for Labour, Immigration and Population.
The National Committee held the 5th coordination meeting at the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population in Nay Pyi Taw on March 5. 
“The national committee set the daily minimum wage at K4,800 with the hourly pay of K600 and eight daily working hours. We will continue monitoring and assessing the daily minimum wage through coordination meetings,” said Thein Swe who is also the chair of the National Committee on Fixing the Minimum Wage.
“It will not be applied to the businesses with less than 10 workers and small-scale businesses. It is nothing to do with civil servants.
“The committee will seek approval from the Union government about the newly-fixed rate. It will be approved as quickly as possible after the Union government gives the nod. Most of employers and employees have agreed to the new rate, although some employers said they had difficulties with it.
“The government is working to deal with the problem. Employees also worry that they may face job cuts. I would like to say that the ministry and officials will do their best after monitoring it in a constant manner,” he continued. 
Naw Aung, a worker representative, said: “I think workers will not agree to it. We have accepted that it is a medium rate. Employers have taken a dislike to the new rate and they may close their factories if they do not agree to it.
“Workers may protest against it if they don’t like it. Both sides should respond to it in a thoughtful manner. For instance, the government pledged that it has been making constant efforts to ensure healthy environments for investors and help entrepreneurs in promoting their competitiveness.  Employers should monitor the government’s pledges," he continues.