Three-quarters of local workers in Thilawa SEZ have just basic education

Factories in Thilawa Special Economic Zone. (Photo-Kyaw Zin Phyo)


About 80 per cent of workers in factories and plants in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone are residents from Thanlyin and Kyauktan Township, said U Set Aung, chair of the Thilawa Special Economic Zone Management Committee.

“Whenever I meet with locals, they tell me they apply for security posts only as they were not well-educated. But there were many job opportunities for the people from all stratas when the Thilawa SEZ started its operations,” he said.

“A few months ago, IGC and the London School of Economics (LSE) collected data in cooperation with Myanmar. [They found that] about 75 per cent of local workers had not passed the matriculation exam. Some of them [have] Grade-2 while others [have] Grade-11,” he added.

Workers with higher educational accomplishments are sent to Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Japan to undergo training. In addition, the companies provide on-the-job training to workers.

Currently, some 40 factories can carry out commercial operations. The export figures will be released soon, U Set Aung said.