Digital Free Trade Zone will often have drastic change, sure to offer surprises, says Jack Ma

SEPANG, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily / ANN) - Alibaba founder Jack Ma assures the first digital free trade zone outside China will often have drastic changes which offer surprises to many. 

He will be bringing in new techniques used in China to Malaysia. Alibaba is willing to help countries keen to develop e-commerce and small time businessmen especially the young people. Ma said for every country that Alibaba goes to, it is not about Alibaba operations going global but to assist the small entrepreneurs not to be confined in local market by supplying them environment, facilities and techniques to deal with global market.

Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma said the digital free trade zone (DFTZ) in Malaysia is the first DFTZ outside China. All efforts are poured in to shape it as a model of success. It will often have drastic changes after sometime for people to exclaim: “Wow, we created history!”

In a joint media interview, he said DFTZ would be the main hub in transporting several billions of parcels. It is not only a hub for China but also other countries. It is also a hub for financing, training, B2B and many plans are still in the pipeline.

He said the Malaysian Government is a role model in setting up a specific policy and a free trade zone to assist small and medium enterprises to develop e-commerce. He hoped other countries can emulate.

Ma said Alibaba would be bringing new techniques used in China to Malaysia. Currently it is still at initial stage and review will be carried out each year.

On signing memorandum of understanding with Malaysia Airports Holding Bhd and future plans in Malaysia, Ma said the DFTZ signed memorandum of understanding to collaborate with Malaysia Airports Holding Bhd, followed by cloud computing promotion for small and medium enterprises to use this technology and training programmes for more businesses to start e-commerce.

On whether political factors would be taken into consideration as the General Elections is around the corner, Ma said every government would be willing to develop e-commerce and assist small time businessmen as well as young people.

“It will be best if political scenario is stable. Even if situation is not so good, we still continue to support young people to venture into business.  As long as a country has young people who need to have opportunities to start a business, we hope to assist them.”

He said for every country that Alibaba goes to, it is not for Alibaba’s operation to be globalised but to let the small businesses in those countries to be globalised. When Alibaba is in Malaysia it is not to buy or sell in Malaysia but hope to assist the small businesses in Malaysia not only to be locked in local market but to have the global market by supplying them the environment, facilities and techniques.